To fill the void left at the end of the year and to give Grey's Anatomy viewers something to watch before the next new episode in the new year, produced Grey's Anatomy webisode series during the winter hiatus.

Webisode SeriesEdit

Seattle Grace: On-CallEdit


The first webisode series is "Seattle Grace: On Call", a six-part webisode series, each four to five minutes long, plus a special behind-the-scenes episode chronicling the making of the webisode series. The series tells the stories of multiple characters during the holidays.

Seattle Grace: Message of HopeEdit


The second webisode series is "Seattle Grace: Message of Hope", another six-part series, each three to four minutes long, plus a bonus behind-the-scenes episode, chronicling the making of this webisode series. The series tells the stories of several doctors creating a sizzle reel to promote the hospital after the shooting.

Grey's Anatomy: Post-OpEdit


The third webisode series is "Grey's Anatomy: Post-Op", a eight-part webseries where Gordon James interviews cast and crew to look back on the show's history as it was nearing it's 300th episode. Each of the webisodes ended with a sneak peek from the upcoming episode.

Grey's Anatomy: B-TeamEdit


The fourth and to date last webisode series is "Grey's Anatomy: B-Team", a six-part series which follows the new batch of interns on their first day at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.