Tommy Zicaro came into the ER with his brother, Dominic, who had gotten his hand stuck in a meat grinder.


While grinding meat, Tommy's brother, Dominic, got his hand stuck in the meat grinder. Callie had Meredith take the lead on the case, making the decisions for Dominic's care. Meredith initially believed they should amputate, but when she found a viable finger, she changed her mind and they made steps to save his hand. When they talked about cutting through the grinder to free his hand, his brothers objected, saying it was expensive. They said they had to take it apart every night to clean it anyway, so Callie let them take it apart to free Dominic's hand. To buy Dominic more time, they applied a tourniquet above the grinder.

Once they got it apart, Callie told his brothers to leave while they turned back the auger and released Dominic's hand. They didn't leave right away and when his hand was pulled out, they both passed out on the floor. His hand was severely injured and only two of his fingers were left attached. While Meredith and Callie were in the OR working on Dominic's hand, Meredith determined that one of his amputated fingers was still viable and could be reattached, but Callie said the thumb wasn't, so Dominic would be better off with a prosthetic as the thumb is responsible for 40% of hand function. Meredith suggested that they take his big toe to replace his thumb, but Callie said that his big toe is too important for his balance, so they'd take the second toe instead. They closed and went to get Dominic's consent.

Dominic's brothers thought it was weird, but Dominic agreed to the surgery. They took him back in and retrieved his second toe and attached it in place of his lost thumb.



Tommy owns a butcher shop with his brothers, Dominic and Mike. When Dominic got his hand stuck in a meat grinder, Tommy and Mike took it apart to free his hand.


Tommy and his brothers own a butcher shop.

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