Tommy is a friend of Nick Kelsey and Phil.


Tommy was on an adventure trip with his friends, Nick Kelsey and Phil. They were planning to ski out of a helicopter. Nick and Phil jumped, but an avalanche started before Tommy could jump. He accompanied his friends to the hospital so they could have their injuries treated.

When Phil and Nick were in recovery, Callie Torres revealed to Nick and Phil that Tommy didn't enjoy their trips, which led to all of them admitting that they don't need them to keep their blood pumping anymore. So they agreed to go wine tasting in Napa instead of going to run with the bulls in Pamplona.



He is married. When Nick needed surgery, instead of calling Nick's wife, Tommy called his wife to talk to Nick's wife because he says his wife can handle her better.


His daughter, Hannah, was a ladybug for Halloween.


Nick Kelsey, Phil, and Tommy are best friends. They went on several trips to keep their blood pumping, each not realizing that the others didn't need the trips.


He's an accountant.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • They'd previous climbed Kilimanjaro.