Tim Redmond is the Head of Dermatology at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital.


Proposed Budget CutsEdit

When Alana Cahill came to Seattle to help save the hospital from going bankrupt, she revealed her plans to close down the ER. Derek made a plan with budget cuts involving all departments, so the saved money could be used to keep the ER open. He approached Tim by talking about his son Howie, whom Derek had seen in daycare. He used Howie as a way to make Tim interested in keeping the ER open, saying the ER was just downstairs if Howie swallowed something and choked in the hospital daycare. This made Tim realize that the ER was important and he listened to the rest of Derek's plan. They walked around the hospital while Derek told him dermatology would need to cut one its two fellows to make his plan work.



Tim has a son named Howie, who stayed in the hospital daycare while his dad was at work. Tim's love for his son made him realize that the ER had to stay open, as it was just downstairs from the daycare center in case anything happened to Howie.


Derek ShepherdEdit

Derek and Tim seemed to be friends, as they were on first name basis and Derek knew Tim's son by name.


Tim is the Head of Dermatology at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital and a board certified dermatologist.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Although Tim has not been stated to be the Head of Dermatology, the fact that Derek went to talk to him about his budget plan (including cutting two dermatology fellows) implies that he is, in fact, the head of that department. 
  • Although dialogue has not confirmed Tim to be board certified, his membership to the American Academy of Dermatology requires certification by the American Board of Dermatology.