Tilly works at the Oceanside Wellness Group.


When Addison was visiting LA, she was surprised when a voice started talking to her in the elevator. Later, after learning she couldn't have a baby, Addison cried in the elevator after the voice asked her if she was all right. ("The Other Side of This Life, Part 1")

Addison later apologized for yelling at the voice.

As she was leaving to go back to Seattle, Addison confessed about the voice to Pete. He pointed out that it was Tilly, a security guard for the building. ("The Other Side of This Life, Part 2")


Tilly works as a security guard at the Oceanside Wellness Group.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Tilly was never heard again in Private Practice. She is most likely one of the changes made from the backdoor pilot to the actual series.

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