Thomas Archibald is a chef who was brought into the ER after his wife cut off his penis.



Thomas started an affair with his sous-chef, Rory Petrucci. They talked about opening a restaurant together and being co-chefs.

Penis AmputationEdit

When Thomas's wife, Marcia, found out that he was sleeping with Rory, she took a sharp knife and cut off his penis then stuck it in a pot at Rory’s station. Rory found Thomas covered in blood. Rory put the penis in a bag and took it and Thomas to the hospital to be treated.

The doctors were able to clean the penis and re-attach it. When Marcia showed up at the hospital, they called security, but Thomas revealed that he had called her and planned to forgive her for cutting off his penis and she forgave him for sleeping with Rory, which was against their arrangement, wherein he was allowed to sleep with waitresses and hostesses.

When Rory saw that Thomas was going to stay with Marcia, she came into his room and cut off his penis a second time and then took off with it. Stephanie Edwards chased her down and convinced her to hand over the penis, so it could be re-attached again.



Thomas is married to Marcia Archibald. They have an agreement wherein he's allowed to sleep with waitresses and hostesses, but others are off limits. He broke this agreement when he slept with his sous-chef, Rory Petrucci. However, they forgave each other and decided to stay together.


Thomas is a chef at Archibald's, a famous restaurant in Seattle.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Miranda Bailey said that she’d been trying to get a reservation at Archibald’s.


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