The Tunnels are located on the ground floor of Seattle Grace.


The original interns (MeredithGeorgeAlexIzzie, and Cristina) spent a lot of time there, relaxing and unwinding, in the first few seasons. They say it's the only place where there are no attendings or residents. They continued to hang out there through the fourth season when they become residents, but eventually they began to spend most of their free time in the on-call rooms, the cafeteria, and in the residents' lounge.

They also started eating lunch down there after the shooting, as people in the cafeteria tended to ask questions and make comments regarding the shooting.

Grey's AnatomyEdit

The tunnels have gurneys, beds, wheelchairs, and vending machines.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • When the season nine interns were found hanging out by the dumpsters, Alex commented that they were supposed to hang out in the tunnels because that's what interns do.

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