At some point maybe we accept the dream has become a nightmare. We tell ourselves that reality is better. We convince ourselves it's better that we never dream at all. But, the strongest of us, the most determined of us, we hold on to the dream or we find ourselves faced with a fresh dream we never considered. We wake to find ourselves, against all odds, feeling hopeful. And, if we're lucky, we realize in the face of everything, in the face of life the true dream is being able to dream at all.

The Other Side of This Life, Part 2 is the twenty-third episode of the third season and the 59th overall episode of Grey's Anatomy.

Short SummaryEdit

Addison is pulled into the case of a high-risk surrogate mother, Susan develops a complication, Izzie struggles with George's decision, and Ava has surgery that may restore her memory.

Full SummaryEdit

Episode in detail.


  • Meredith Grey
  • Cristina Yang
  • Izzie Stevens
  • Alex Karev
  • George O'Malley
  • Miranda Bailey
  • Richard Webber
  • Addison Montgomery
  • Callie Torres
  • Preston Burke
  • Derek Shepherd
  • Cooper Freedman
  • Violet Turner
  • Pete Wilder
  • Sam Bennett
  • Naomi Bennett
  • Dell Parker
  • Jane Doe/Ava
  • Thatcher Grey
  • Kathy
  • Paul
  • Carol
  • Jim
  • Lisa
  • Rick
  • Doug
  • Susan Grey
  • Jane Burke
  • Voice (of Tilly)
  • Keith (far right, with Jim, Carol, Rick, and Doug)
  • Nurse
  • S.G.H. Clinic Nurse

Main CastEdit

Special Guest StarsEdit

Guest StarsEdit


Medical NotesEdit


  • Diagnosis:
    • Brain bleed
  • Treatment:
    • Surgery

Ava had a brain bleed. Because of the location of the bleed, Ava had to be awake during the surgery. She was hopeful that she'd get her memory back as part of the surgery. In surgery, she began speaking other languages. When she started bleeding more seriously, they put her under to work on the bleed. After the surgery, which was successful, she was disappointed not to remember her past.

Susan GreyEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Fever
    • Heart murmur
    • Infection
    • Sepsis
    • Toxic megacolon with perforation
  • Treatment:
    • IV Antibiotics
    • Central line
    • Surgery

Susan came back to the hospital with a fever and a heart murmur. They ran tests. She was then given IV antibiotics and they put in a central line so she could keep getting antibiotics at home. She came back into the hospital with cramping. She became septic and was rushed into surgery. She started coding on the way to surgery and was pronounced dead in the OR.

Ava's BabyEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Prematurity
  • Doctors:
  • Treatment:
    • NICU Care

Ava's baby was still in an incubator in the NICU.


  • Diagnosis:
    • Hormonal imbalance
    • Adrenal tumor
  • Treatment:

Paul had a hormonal imbalance, but Sam had to run more tests to figure out the cause. Paul had an MRI, which revealed a tumor on Paul's adrenal gland, which caused the imbalance and the low sex drive. Sam told them that the tumors were usually aggressive, so treatment was risky, but there was hope.

Addison Forbes MontgomeryEdit

  • Diagnosis:
  • Doctors:
  • Treatment:
    • Acupuncture

Addison lay down on Pete's table and he did acupuncture on her after seeing that she had a lot of tension in her body. He then left her to breathe and wait for a rush of emotion, a release of psychic pain. Soon after he left, she started crying.


  • Diagnosis:
    • Pregnancy
    • Placenta accreta
    • Uterine rupture
  • Treatment:
    • Vaginal delivery
    • Surgery

Lisa went into labor and Addison went with her to the hospital where she was rushed in for a quick delivery. When Addison started to deliver the placenta after the baby was born, her uterus ruptured, so she had to be sedated to have surgery.

Baby GirlEdit

  • Diagnosis:
  • Treatment:
    • Supplemental oxygen

Lisa's baby needed supplemental oxygen after birth. She weighed 6 lbs., 9 oz.


  • Diagnosis:
  • Treatment:
    • Talk therapy

Kathy talked to Violet about the problem with her husband and how she cheated on him.


Song Performer Scene
"California" A.B. O'Neill
"Leaving in Coffins" Psapp
"Momma's Boy" Tim Myers
"You Don't Have Far To Go" Candi Station
  • Addison and Pete kiss in the stairwell
"Your Song" Kate Walsh
"Ain't Nothing Wrong With That" Robert Randolph & The Family Band
  • Dell asks Naomi out.
"Mojo Love" Lay Low
"SRXT" Bloc Party
  • Thatcher slaps Meredith's face
  • Derek, Bailey, and Richard see Thatcher slapping Meredith's face

Notes and TriviaEdit

PROMO 3.22 300:30

PROMO 3.22 3.23 "The Other Side of This Life"

  • This episode's title originated from the song The Other Side of This Life, originally sung by Jefferson Airplane.
  • This episode scored 21.23 million viewers.
  • This episode is the 2nd part of the backdoor pilot for Private Practice.
  • This episode (and the first part) features a guest appearance by Bellamy Young, who portrays First Lady Mellie Grant in Shonda Rhimes's other TV show Scandal.


Episode StillsEdit


(Addison is sitting in a stairwell, crying)
Pete: There you are. I just stopped by to see how Lisa and the baby are doing.
(Addison wipes her eyes)
Pete: You okay?
Addison: Yeah. I, uh, had a little too much surgery today. I'm good.
Pete: You look good. You look beautiful. Sam told me I had to stay away from you because your Naomi's friend.
Addison: Stop it.
Pete: What?
Addison: You're flirting.
Pete: What's wrong with flirting?
Addison: What's wrong with it? What's wrong? What's wrong is that I don’t have time for it. I am out of time. I missed my chance. And now I have two eggs left, I might as well have no eggs left. I am egg-less. Naomi says she's dried up? I'm the one who's dried up. I'm all barren and dried up. And I'm clearly wasting my time on men. I mean, I might as well take up hobbies. Like needlepoint or collecting those ceramic dolls because that's what dried up women do. They do needlepoint. They don't waste their time flirting with men who clearly just want to get laid. (gets choked up) They don't waste their time telling overly personal information about their eggs to total strangers. Oh my God. I'm sorry.
(Addison stands up, but Pete grabs her)
Addison: What are you doing?
Pete: I'm going to kiss you. I’m going to kiss you with tongue. I'm going kiss you so you feel it. Okay?
Addison: (wipes her nose) Okay.
(They kiss.)
Addison: Why'd you do that?
Pete: To remind you that you're not dried up. (walks down the stairs) If you need me to remind you again, let me know. (walks out the door)
Addison: Okay.

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