Taryn Davis is a patient at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.


Trip to BrazilEdit

Some time before her hospitalization, she went with her father on a business trip to Brazil. While she was there, she contracted an infection which caused adrenal insufficiency.


When she had stomach pain and was vomiting, her father brought her into the hospital. He told Jo that the symptoms started the previous night. They had Halloween early because he had to leave for a business trip on Halloween. They watched a scary movie and ate some candy.

When Taryn asked if she would still be able to trick or treat, Jo informed her that the best trick or treating happened at the hospital.

They discovered that she had adrenal insufficiency, meaning she could be scared to death, but when they went to tell her father, they found that she had wandered off. She was walking the halls of the hospital, attempting to trick or treat when she was scared by an old patient of Heather Brooks and collapsed. Alex found her and rushed her to the PICU.



Mr. DavisEdit

She looks up to her father and was excited to go on a business trip to him when he went to Brazil.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She loves Halloween.

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