Susie Kramer is a patient at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital who was in an ATV accident.


ATV AccidentEdit

Susie had taken off her helmet for just a second while riding her ATV to take a picture and was hit. She was taken to the hospital with an open depressed skull fracture. They attempted to do a 13-second scan, but there was too much bleeding and she was taken directly to the OR.

While in surgery, Derek discovered that her injuries were even more severe than suspected and they'd be in there longer than they anticipated.

She survived the surgery, but until she woke up, they wouldn't know how much long-term damage she would have. When Shane and Derek went to tell her father, he attacked them and had to be subdued.



Her father is very protective of her. When she was taken into surgery, he was very aggressive toward the doctors when they were unable to tell him what was going on.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She was 16 at the time of her hospitalization.
  • She started riding with her father when she was 13 and they rode every weekend since.

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