Stuart Loeb is the accountant for a motorcycle club.



Stuart was an accountant for a motorcycle club. He was eventually allowed to ride along with them.

Motorcycle AccidentEdit

While riding with the motorcycle club, a mini-van drifted into his lane and he crashed. Several of the other bikers went down behind him, including the leader Gasoline. He sustained a left arm degloving injury. He was taken into the OR to have the arm debrided.

After his surgery, he was taken to Gasoline's room where she was recovering from her own procedure. There, he was informed that the accident wasn't his fault and he was given his own patch, meaning he was officially a member of the club, and his own nickname, Road Rash.



Stuart, through his involvement with club, started riding a motorcycle with them though he was not an official member of the club. He asked about how they were doing while he was being examined in a trauma room.


Stuart is an accountant who works for a motorcycle club, the Seattle Stormchasers. As the club's accountant, he got them on a group health plan and helped them set up a toy drive.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • He was 35 at the time of the motorcycle crash.


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