St Ambrose

St. Ambrose Hospital

St. Ambrose Hospital is the local hospital for the Oceanside Wellness Group and Pacific Wellcare Center in the event of any medical emergencies involving their patients. Located in Santa Monica, California, St. Ambrose has ORs, an ER, NICU, ICU, and multiple wards and private patient rooms. It is at least 124 years old. It is also a teaching hospital.


St. Ambrose's east entrance with Addison and Noah sitting outside


Current StaffEdit


According to Charlotte, there are over 200 physicians working at the hospital.


Support StaffEdit

  • Marsha (receptionist)
  • Lisa (Human Resources Manager)

​Former StaffEdit

Hospital PrivilegesEdit

There are medical personnel who have privileges at St. Ambrose, despite not being on staff, which allows them access everything that medical staff at St. Ambrose would be normally entitled to, such as use of ORs and surgical privileges, access to patient files, administration of medications and use the pharmacy and clinical labs, access to treatment equipment, including treatment in the ER bays.

Formerly having Hospital PrivilegesEdit

These doctors had privileges at St. Ambrose while under employment at the Oceanside Wellness Group or the Pacific Wellcare Center; since they have resigned from their position at their respective practices, it can be assumed that their privileges have been revoked.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • St. Ambrose was initially not a teaching hospital: its staff lacked interns or residents; however, seasons five and six introduced two characters who were residents. Addison also mentioned to one of her patients that she would walk out of the hospital and leave their case to some nervous OB resident if they weren't straight with her. This is either a continuity error, or an indication that St. Ambrose is indeed a teaching hospital.
  • Although no plastic surgeons were ever seen on the show, it was mentioned by Amelia that the hospital did, in fact, have a plastics department.
  • Charlotte has neonatal rounds, which she asked Addison to cover for her, as she returned home to see her dying father. ("Homeward Bound")
  • According to Addison, there are 40 heart surgeons employed by the hospital. ("What You Do for Love")

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