Sonya Nichols is a doctor and former love interest of Sam Bennett.


Measles OutbreakEdit

When Michael Perkins was diagnosed with measles after being at Oceanside Wellness Group, Sam called the county health department. They sent Sonya, who quickly started to look over all the practice's records and interview everyone. She criticized their lack of preparedness and Sam spent the entire day running around, trying to make sure things were as they should be. After her evaluation was done, Sam asked if she liked being a bully. She asked him if he knew what it was like to have everyone hate him before they've even met him. She told him she took the job because she wanted to do good things. ("Contamination")



After Sonya finished evaluating the practice after a measles case came through, she admitted to Sam that she'd spent the whole day thinking about how his lips might taste like chocolate and she couldn't look at them. They then shared a kiss and later went out dancing together. ("Contamination")

Their relationship progressed and she met Maya, which made Naomi jealous. ("Homeward Bound")

They dated for a while before consummating their relationship. The night they first attempted to have sex, Sonya ended up having to call 911 because he had an asthma attack. Naomi took Sam to Pete to get a treatment for anxiety-induced asthma so they could finally have sex. ("Second Chances")

After Sam went to Seattle to be with Archer and Naomi, Sonya questioned him about why he went. He said he went to support Naomi because she doesn't always have it all together. They continued to see each other happily until Sam called Sonya by the name of Naomi, signaling he was not over her. ("Wait and See")

They fought over it and Sam insisted that he wasn't thinking about Naomi while they were having sex. Despite this, she refused him sex. Sam tried to mend fences by getting Naomi's help to plan a vacation. Their vacation went well, but Naomi said afterward that she was done helping him with Sonya. Sonya came to him about a date and he admitted that you don't call out your ex's name if your new relationship is working. He ended things with her. ("Finishing")


Sonya Nichols is a doctor working for the County Health Department. She is constantly harsh because even before she enters a building, she is disliked. ("Contamination")