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Sloan Riley
Biographical information


  • Sloan Sloan
  • Little Sloan
Family information

Sofia Robbin Sloan Torres (half-sister)

Character information
First appearance

GA: Holidaze

Last appearance

GA: Hook, Line and Sinner

Only appearance

PP: Another Second Chance

Portrayed By

Leven Rambin

Look, I don't know how to take care of any baby. Okay? I can't have one that's hurt. I just can't handle it. My mom doesn't even talk to me. I'm doing this alone.
Sloan talking to Mark about her baby.

Sloan Riley is the daughter of Mark Sloan.


Finding her Biological FatherEdit

When she was 18 years old, Sloan became pregnant. Her mother was very angry with her and kicked her out of the house. Sloan then decided to fly to Seattle to meet her biological father, as he was the only person she could go to. At first, she kept her pregnancy a secret from him and Lexie, but when she felt that they were about to kick her out of their apartment as well, she revealed her secret. Mark then decided to let Sloan stay with him and Lexie.

Complications with the BabyEdit

When Lexie did an ultrasound, she found out there was something wrong with Sloan's baby. It had some strings around his legs. She thought she was wrong at first and took Sloan to OB/GYN where Elizabeth Chen agreed with her that something was wrong. She also informed Sloan that her baby was a boy. Mark was so worried about his daughter and grandson that he immediately flew Addison to Seattle. 

Arizona was called in as well, giving Sloan two options. She could either let Addison operate on her baby (solving the problem now) in the womb, or she could wait, give birth and let Arizona fix the problem after having given birth (solving the problem later). Together with Mark, Sloan decided to let Addison operate on her. However, during surgery, Addison revealed to Mark she would have to go in the womb through two engorged uteran arteries, which was very difficult. Mark then urged Addison to stop the surgery right away, as he was too worried something could go wrong.

Flying to Los AngelesEdit

Lexie persuaded them to fly to Los Angeles to let Addison finish the surgery, which she successfully did. After she came back from Los Angeles she told Torres that she was giving up the baby.


She is described as intensely vapid and rude. She even went so far as to say to Mark,"What are you lookin' at you old perv?" She asked Lexie for money multiple times, once for an headset for her phone. She also got Mark to give her $80 for breakfast and lunch. She, like her own mother, became pregnant at 18. She then fled to Seattle in hopes of finding her biological father. She constantly took advantage of Mark and Lexie letting her in to their home.



Mark Sloan is her father. He had a relationship with her mother, Samantha, when they were young. Samantha got pregnant and Mark gave her some money and assumed she used it to have an abortion, so he was shocked when Sloan showed up 18 years later looking for him. She looked for him because Samantha had kicked her out when she found out Sloan was pregnant.



Grey's Anatomy, Season 6

Holidaze · Blink · Valentine's Day Massacre · Sympathy for the Parents · Hook, Line and Sinner

Private Practice, Season 3

Another Second Chance

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