Sharon came into the hospital with her boyfriend after he was hit by a car.


The morning of Valentine's Day, Sharon was expecting her boyfriend, Charlie Bilson, to propose. When instead of a ring, he gave her a locket, she ran out into the street. He followed her, which resulted in him getting hit by a car. Sharon also sustained a small laceration to her arm.

Sharon and Charlie were taken to the ER together, where Sharon continued to scream at Charlie, even insisting that they were over. While Charlie was examined in the ER, Lexie took Sharon to stitch up her arm. While her arm was being stitched, Sharon explained their situation and why she had been so upset to receive a necklace instead of a ring.

Charlie was discovered to have extensive internal bleeding, so he was taken into surgery. Richard and Lexie operated and then took Charlie to the ICU.

Charlie was stable in the ICU for a while before his condition deteriorated. Despite their best efforts, the doctors were unable to revive him and he was pronounced dead in the ICU at 7:53 PM.

While gathering Charlie's personal belongings, Lexie found the necklace he had given Sharon and opened it. Inside, it read "Will you marry me?"



Sharon had been dating Charlie Bilson for eight years. Sharon was upset because after all that time together, Charlie had still not proposed to her. She had a ring picked out and had sent it to all her sisters so they could help Charlie surprise her when the time came.


She has at least two sisters. When she picked out the perfect ring, she sent a picture to all her sisters so that they could help Charlie surprise her.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She and Charlie went to 20 weddings a year and she sobbed like a maniac at each one.