Scott Barker is an attending pediatric surgeon at St. Ambrose Hospital and the former boyfriend of Charlotte King.


Scott operated on Ike Holden, one of Cooper's patients. After he checked on Ike after surgery, Scott said he'd injured his back and asked Cooper to write him a prescription for a few oxy to get him through the day. When Cooper questioned if that was a little strong for a back injury, Scott brushed it off, saying he'd suck it up.

When Scott didn't show up to discharge Ike, Cooper confronted him about it. Scott said that he lay down because of his back and nodded off. He then became defensive, saying that he knew that Cooper thought he was a drug addict because he hadn't shown up to do the discharge himself. When Cooper asked, he said he'd taken one oxy and didn't have any other surgeries scheduled. He suggested that Scott go see Violet and if he could convince Violet he didn't have a problem, Cooper would back off.

Scott had a session with Violet. She asked him about the drugs. He became defensive and he declared angrily that he wasn't an addict. He said he was a good doctor and she said that was all the more reason he should stop seeing patients until they could get a handle on it.

When Ike returned to the hospital with Ischemia and needed a second surgery, Scott planned to operate, but Charlotte asked him if he'd taken anything that day. She wouldn't let him operate until he said he hadn't taken anything that day. He wasn't able to say that.

She later told Cooper he'd checked himself into rehab.



He briefly dated Charlotte King.


Dr. Barker worked as an attending pediatric surgeon at St. Ambrose Hospital.