Sarah Nelson is a little girl who went missing from the ER at St. Ambrose Hospital.


ER at St. Ambrose HospitalEdit

Sarah and her parents came to the ER because she fell down and hurt her wrist. Her parents kept on fighting in front of her, which drove her crazy. While Sarah's father was having a conversation with Violet, her mother left her for a little while to get some ice cream. When the parents came back to ER, Cooper was waiting for them and he asked where their daughter was. They searched the ER, but Sarah was nowhere to be found. Charlotte King immediately called the security guards and she also called a code pink. The security guards started to search the hospital. Nick CalhounSheldon's patient and a pedophile, was in the ER too. Sheldon immediately ran to the ER to check on Nick, but he was just sitting in his bed.

Later that evening, a security guard found Sarah's jacket on a bench outside the hospital. Sarah was then officially reported to the police as a missing person. Her parents stayed in the ER all night until Violet told them that they needed to go home, as Sarah wasn't in the hospital anymore. ("You Don't Know What You've Got Till It's Gone")

Search for SarahEdit

Sarah's posters didn't do much. All searches were failing. Police arrested a man working as a janitor in the hospital because of his criminal past (one time sex offender) and the fact that he mopped the floor near Sarah's bed ten minutes after his shift ended. He didn't confess and Sarah was not found. Sheldon broke the law by telling the police about his patient with pedophilic urges, Nick Calhoun, and accused him of the kidnapping. He tried to trick Nick into confessing or reacting in a way that would make him guilty. He was put on 5150 psych hold for his own safety. Sarah was found in his basement, alive. She reunited with her parents. ("I'm Fine")



Sarah's parents kept on fighting over her, and in front of her.


Sheldon WallaceEdit

When the police entered Nick's home, Sheldon was with them and was able to coax Sarah out from under the bed where they found her.

Notes and TriviaEdit



Episode StillsEdit

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