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Unnamed ex-fiancé


Unnamed grandmother

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Scrub Nurse


Seattle Grace Hospital

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First appearance

Forever Young

Last appearance

Dream a Little Dream of Me, Part 2


GA: 4 and 5

Portrayed By

Lauren Stamile


Rose was a nurse at Seattle Grace Hospital.


Despite being Derek Shepherd's ex-girlfriend, she and Meredith got on well, although she was intimidated by her legendary relationship with him. Addison and Mark disliked her.



A year before she met Derek, she was engaged, but she called it off because they both wanted different things. The diamond was her grandmother's so she wore the ring around her neck on a necklace.

Rose started dating Derek after they became friends. They kissed and soon started dating. Despite their seemingly happy relationship, Rose was slightly bothered by comments made by hospital personnel about Meredith and Derek's breakup only being temporary and her being the McRebound (the rebound girl). Mark commented that she was stringing sex along like a prize but really she was afraid that once she gave it up, he would lose interest. She and Derek had sex but the whole time he was thinking of Meredith and forgot to call her afterwards.

He and Rose continued dating but after saving their first clinical trial patient, he and Meredith kissed and she asked to get back together with him. He said he would and left to break up with Rose. Although she initially took it well, she then decided she hated Derek and became very unpleasant towards him. She pretended she was pregnant and she carelessly handed him instruments in surgery, accidentally cutting him. She realized she was only damaging her reputation and left for an opening in pediatrics.


Rose received her education from Santa Cruz, (most likely University of California, Santa Cruz) and majored in computer science for three semesters before switching over to nursing to become a scrub nurse. Derek Shepherd insulted her education by stating Santa Cruz has a reputation as a "party school." She was the attending nurse for over 30 of Derek Shepherd's surgeries, as Rose stated in when they operated on a teenager. While she initially took the break up well, she eventually held feelings of resentment towards Derek. After their break up and after carelessly handing Derek a scalpel in surgery as revenge, she accidentally cut his hand, causing it to bleed. This led her to realize that she was no longer the scrub nurse everyone wanted, and she quit as a scrub nurse to take up a job in pediatrics.


Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She likes licorice.
  • Lauren Stamile's father was a doctor and her mother was a nurse, if she hadn't gone into acting she said she would most likely have gone into medicine.
  • Jessica Capshaw originally auditioned for the role of Rose before being cast as Arizona Robbins.


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