Roberta Thompson was a member of the Board at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital.


Plane Crash LawsuitEdit

Roberta sat in with Owen when he was being interviewed about the plane crash by Michael Baker and Anne. She stepped in when he asked if he should resign, saying that that's the last thing that they want. He later figured out that they wanted him to stay because he was married to Cristina and they were hoping that the judge would throw out the lawsuit because of that. ("I Was Made for Lovin' You")

When the insurance company refused to pay because no more than two attendings are allowed on a medi-plane at a time, Roberta broke the news to Owen and informed him that the hospital would have to pay out to the plan crash victims. To do so, they'd have to go bankrupt. ("The End is the Beginning is the End")

Selling the HospitalEdit

Roberta was in on the meetings about selling the hospital to Pegasus Horizons. When several doctors resigned to delay the sale, she was shocked and told Cahill that she needed to fix it. ("Hard Bargain")

When Alana got Pegasus to come back to the table, but with a deal that involved selling the hospital for parts, she was shocked, but agreed to proceed. When Owen came into the meeting and told them that the doctors were planning to buy the hospital, he got the board to agree to wait and hear their pitch. ("This is Why We Fight")


Roberta was hired by the hospital shortly before the plane crash lawsuit, as she mentioned to Owen in the first meeting with his lawyer that she was new at the board. When the Harper Avery Foundation, along with Richard, Callie and the plane crash doctors, invested in the hospital, Roberta and all other board members were fired to be replaced by JacksonMeredithDerekCristinaArizona, and Callie.