Rhys Rutstein is a patient at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital who had been in the NICU since birth with heart problems.


Rhys was born with a single-ventricle defect and was status 2 on the heart transplant list after receiving a central shunt, from which he recovered well. His father was informed that he might be able to take Rhys home soon so he could wait at home for a heart transplant. Noah was nervous about taking Rhys home and taking care of him without the doctors and Laura around, but Laura assured him that it was a good thing and he and Rhys would be fine.

However, later that day, Rhys developed congestive heart failure due to his shunt leaking. He was taken into the OR. While in the OR, his condition worsened to the point where when a heart became available, it was directed to him.



Rhys's father, Noah, stayed by his side while he waited in the NICU for a heart transplant.

Notes and TriviaEdit

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