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Rebecca Pope
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  • Ava
  • Jane Doe
  • Shannon
  • Smashed Up Face
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Jeff Pope (husband, separated)


A Daughter



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First appearance

Walk on Water

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Freedom, Part 2


GA: 3 and 4

Portrayed By

Elizabeth Reaser


Rebecca Pope (also known as "Ava") was a patient from a ferry-related accident. She was brought to Seattle Grace Hospital where she bonded with Alex but later left when she recovered her memories. She later reappeared and although they loved each other, she slit her wrists and almost died, thus Alex was forced to have her transferred to a psychiatric facility.



Dr. Alex Karev found a semi-conscious pregnant woman crushed under a cement pylon, suffering from several severe injuries, after the ferry accident. Upon arrival at Seattle Grace, the Jane Doe was submitted to a battery of tests and surgeries to evaluate her condition and that of her baby, as well as treat her injuries. Eventually, Mark Sloan presented Jane Doe with options for her facial reconstruction; Alex helped her with the decision by assigning each face a name and identity. Jane Doe chose the face Alex called "Ava", and adopted the moniker for herself following the surgery. Due to his involvement with her rescue and medical care, Ava developed a close friendship with Alex Karev, who helped her through an emergency c-section to deliver her daughter after Ava developed pre-eclampsia.

Dr. Derek Shepherd operated to resolve some bleeding in Ava's brain; during the surgery, it was discovered that Ava could speak four languages (English, Spanish, German, and French). The surgery also held a chance that "Ava" would regain her memory, but it failed to do so immediately; however, several days later, "Ava" woke up with her memory completely restored, but pretended to still suffer from amnesia to avoid returning to her life and unhappy marriage with Jeff Pope.

When Rebecca returns, seemingly pregnant, Izzie discovers that she is not, and although Alex refuses to believe this she and Mark discover that there may be a deeper problem—Rebecca momentarily forgot that she already had a baby, and she asked for a breast enhancement surgery, saying her face did not match her body, which could stem from trauma due to her extensive facial reconstruction surgery and the stress from the ferry accident.


Ava after the crash.

After Rebecca is admitted to SGH when she cut herself with a knife, she gets a psych consult. Alex discovers from the psych ward that Rebecca has underlying borderline personality disorder. He relays this information to her and regrettedly tells her that she will have to be transferred to a psychiatric facility. Rebecca tearily tells him that she had tried to "be better" for him, and that she had wanted to be someone he could depend on; she apologized for not being able to become that person.



Alex KarevEdit

After Alex realized she had regained her memory, he tried to convince her to tell the authorities so that her family could be located; although she initially refused, she eventually confessed that her real name was Rebecca Pope. This finally led her husband, Jeff Pope, to reunite with her, and though Rebecca pleaded with Alex to "give me a reason to stay", he refused and told her to stay with the better guy, only to regret his decision later, but it was too late: Rebecca and her daughter had left with Jeff, leaving Alex to stare at an empty room.

Rebecca reappeared. Rebecca explained to Alex that in her town at Halloween, all the mothers dressed up. She confessed that the only person she wanted to be was Ava. Alex kissed Rebecca and the two proceeded to an On-Call Room. Alex made a move to have sex, but Rebecca stopped him, telling him he was a 'chicken' and 'didn't come looking for her'. She told him that she 'had to come looking for him'. The two eventually had sex and Rebecca alluded to the fact she no longer loves her husband.

A while later, Rebecca returned again to see Alex. She invited him to have coffee, but he turned her down due to a surgery. Rebecca begged him to let her watch it, and she dressed as a resident to have Alex sneak her into the gallery, where Lexie met her and found out about Alex's "other girlfriend," and both Izzie and Mark discovered her. Alex was suspended from the O.R. for two weeks and later in his bedroom as Rebecca kissed him, he yelled at her, telling her that she was only at Seattle Grace "to play dress up" and that she should go back to her life so he could get on with his. However, after this angry speech, he continued to kiss her and they slept together.

About six weeks later, Rebecca came back to Seattle Grace once again with news for Alex—she was pregnant. Alex was reluctant at first to have anything to do with her or the baby, but eventually he accepted it and excitedly began to build a new life for him, the baby, and Rebecca, who left to tell her husband she was leaving him. However, Izzie discovered that she was not actually pregnant and she had even temporarily forgotten she already had a baby. Alex eventually saw that Rebecca indeed was not pregnant, and became slightly worried when she didn't listen to him and instead insisted that she lost the baby. He took her home and decided to take care of her, disregarding Izzie's observations that Rebecca "isn't looking very good."

Rebecca sank into depression after learing that "she lost the baby" and Alex was adamant that he could take care of her. However, when he was in another room, she attempted to cut her wrists with a kitchen knife. Alex brought her to the ER and got even angrier at Izzie when she tried to get Rebecca a psych consult so she could be admitted. Izzie finally stood her ground and got Rebecca a psych consult. Later, Alex called Jeff Pope and discovered that two months earlier, he took the baby girl and left Rebecca. Rebecca was eventually put into psych. When Alex told her, she accepted it, but told him she was trying to be better for him.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Her blood type is B+.
  • She's had her tonsils removed.
  • She can speak English, French, Spanish, and German.



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