Rebecca Hobart was Addison and Sam's patient.


Rebecca left the hospital where she was on a psychiatric hold after seeing Sam on TV. She came to the practice with the hope that she would believe him. She was five months pregnant, but badly underweight. Addison said the baby was healthy despite being small. Rebecca said she'd had stomach problems her whole life and no one thought she could get pregnant. When Charlotte King came to the practice, she told them that Rebecca had been in and out of hospitals since she was eighteen and tests showed nothing. She'd been diagnosed with Munchausen syndrome. Addison made a case to keep her at the practice to be treated as she was having contractions. She wasn't convinced that Rebecca had Munchausen and asked Violet to do a psychiatric evaluation after she stopped Rebecca's contractions. Violet said she didn't seem to match the Munchausen profile.

Rebecca's mother arrived to take her back to the hospital. Her labs showed that she hadn't eaten in days, though she protested she had been eating, so Addison let them take her, but before they could leave, Sam made a case to keep her for a little longer to figure out what was really wrong. Mrs. Hobart agreed to give them one more hour.

They took her back to the hospital, but the doctors convinced Charlotte to let them run a GI study, which they used to diagnose her with Crohn's disease.



She has a boyfriend.


Rebecca's mother is her medical guardian. When she learned that Rebecca had Crohn's disease, she apologized for not believing her.

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