Dorie Russell gave birth to quintuplets

Quintuplets is a pregnancy in which five fetuses are conceived and gestated; due to the limited capacity of human uteruses, it is rare feat to birth five healthy babies.


Addison delivered quintuplets (Lucy, Charlotte, Kate, Julie, and Emily Russell) in Much too Much. One of those babies (Emily) ultimately died. Quintuplets are often born small and premature, due to the womb's incapability to hold so many babies at once. As such, complications can arise quite easily.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • The list of baby births by number goes as such:
    • Singleton (most common, a single birth)
    • Twins (fraternal or identical)
    • Triplets (identical or fraternal)
    • Quadruplets (identical or fraternal)
    • Quintuplets (identical or fraternal)
    • Sextuplets (identical or fraternal)
    • Septuplets (identical or fraternal)
    • Octuplets (This is the highest pregnancy birth on record where the children survived infancy, so far.)
    • Nonuplets (Only two sets of nonuplets were ever born but in both cases, the children did not survive.)
  • As the quintuplets and above begin rising higher in numbers, identical births become less and less common.