Paul Anderson is the father of Wallace Anderson, a 10 year old patient of Arizona Robbins suffering from 'Short Gut Syndrome'.


He and his wife, Bethany, announced to Richard Webber and hospital board chairman Larry Jennings that they wished to donate $25 million to Seattle Grace's pediatric surgery program, half of which to be used to fund research to find a cure for Wallace's condition.

Tragically, Wallace rapidly declined and Arizona informed Mr. and Mrs. Anderson that Wallace did not have long left to live and they should all prepare themselves. Not wanting to accept this, the Andersons, along with Richard and Larry, pressured Arizona into performing a risky surgery to prolong Wallace's life by only 2 months, which went against her better judgment. Although he survived the surgery, Wallace later went into septic shock and died in the OR, despite Arizona's best efforts to save him.

Paul was deeply saddened by his son's death and accompanied his wife to view his body in the morgue. Although Arizona could not save Wallace, Paul agreed that the hospital would still have the donation they proposed because of Arizona, not Larry's "ass kissing."



He is married to Bethany Anderson.


He has one son, Wallace Anderson. He was determined to find a cure for his son, even convincing Arizona Robbins to operate on him when she knew he wasn't strong enough to survive it.

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  • Paul's occupation was not specified. However, given his vast wealth, he was most likely a successful businessman or inherited his fortune.


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