"Oscar" is the nickname Cristina gave to the baby found behind the hospital by the dumpsters in a box.


Heart SurgeriesEdit

Oscar had heart problems from birth, which led to a failure to thrive. Shane theorized that that's why he was abandoned: his parents thought he was more trouble than he was worth since he'd already had surgery and would need many more.

Being AbandonedEdit

The expense and stress of his care is likely what led them to abandon him behind the hospital where he was found by Jo Wilson and Stephanie Edwards.

Further SurgeriesEdit

After being examined at the hospital, it was determined that Oscar had Shone's Complex, which Cristina describes as the trifecta of heart defects. He had had a coarctation to his aorta, which someone had poorly tried to fix, which necessitated Cristina re-opening it. After that procedure, Oscar was discovered to have a mitral valve rupture, so he was taken back into surgery.

Police InvestigationEdit

The doctors determined that there was no history of Oscar having been born or seen at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital and a social worker came to handle his case while they searched for whoever abandoned him.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • The name Oscar comes from Sesame Street, in which Oscar the Grouch lives in a trash can.