Zibby is a nurse at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital.


Nurses StrikeEdit

When the nurses went on strike, Zibby was brought in as a temporary replacement. She was coached by Meredith Grey through helping her intubate a patient. ("Break on Through")

George's JealousyEdit

When George believed that the panties on the board were Callie's and he hadn't seen them before, he flirted with Zibby, trying to make Callie jealous back. ("I Am a Tree")

Mark FlirtingEdit

Mark flirted with Zibby to show Richard Webber how it's done. ("Time After Time")


While working in the clinic, Zibby informed George that Izzie hadn't shown up there all week. ("All By Myself")

Izzie's CancerEdit

When Izzie was admitted to the hospital for cancer treatment, Alex paced outside her room. Zibby offered him a cot to sleep on, but he declined. ("Elevator Love Letter")


Zibby is a nurse at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital. She previously worked at Seattle Grace Hospital.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • In her first appearance, she was wearing a name tag that called her Angela.
  • She has a credit-only appearance in If Only You Were Lonely.
  • She runs.[1]
  • Zibby has been credited as Temp Nurse, Cute Nurse, and Nurse.





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