Kathleen is a nurse at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.


Lydia AshfordEdit

Kathleen attended to Lydia Ashford while she was hospitalized. ("I Want You With Me")

Cara McAdamsEdit

Kathleen is the nurse who informed Jackson Avery that Owen Hunt had moved his patient, Cara McAdams. ("Everybody's Crying Mercy")

Derek ShepherdEdit

She cared for Derek when he was hospitalized with the virus. ("You Be Illin'")

Helping MeredithEdit

When Meredith needed to stay overnight with a patient, she asked Kathleen to tell Derek to pick the kids up from day care, which she did. ("Go It Alone")

Phone CallEdit

When someone called the hospital looking for Dr. Shepherd, Kathleen handed off the phone to Amelia, not knowing the caller was looking for Derek. ("Crazy Love")

Laura ReevesEdit

When Laura Reeves arrived at the hospital just before her son became unresponsive, Kathleen held Laura back so that Amelia could take him for a CT. ("Roar")


Kathleen is a nurse at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.



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