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Intimacy is a four syllable word for "Here is my heart and soul, please grind them into hamburger, and enjoy." It's both desired, and feared. Difficult to live with, and impossible to live without. Intimacy also comes attached to life's three R's: relatives, romance, and roommates. There are some things you can't escape. And other things you just don't want to know. I wish there were a rulebook for intimacy. Some kind of guide to tell you when you've crossed the line. It would be nice if you could see it coming, and I don't know how you fit it on a map. You take it where you can get it, and keep it as long as you can. And as for rules, maybe there are none. Maybe the rules of intimacy are something you have to define for yourself.

No Man's Land is the fourth episode of the first season and the 4th overall episode of Grey's Anatomy.

Short SummaryEdit

Cristina's encounter with Ellis Grey's former scrub nurse, who is now a patient at Seattle Grace, changes her forever. George becomes infuriated when he realizes that Izzie and Meredith treat him like their sister. An old part of Izzie's life will be revealed which makes her the subject of hospital gossip and Derek, Meredith, George and Alex have a patient with nails in his head. 

Full SummaryEdit

Episode in detail.


  • Meredith Grey
  • Cristina Yang
  • Izzie Stevens
  • Alex Karev
  • George O'Malley
  • Miranda Bailey
  • Richard Webber
  • Preston Burke
  • Derek Shepherd
  • Elizabeth Fallon
  • Jorge Cruz
  • Zona Cruz
  • Rick Humphrey
  • Ellis Grey
  • Fluoroscope Tech
  • Harry Victor
  • Tyler Christian
  • ER Doc
  • Radiology Tech #2
  • Radiology Tech Jeffrey

Main CastEdit

Guest StarsEdit


Medical NotesEdit

Derek's PatientEdit

  • Diagnosis:
  • Treatment:
    • Cordotomy

Derek mentioned to Meredith that he was performing a cordotomy that day. His surgery was rescheduled when Jorge Cruz was brought into the hospital.

Elizabeth FallonEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Pancreatic adenocarcinoma
  • Treatment:
    • Radiation
    • Palliative care

Liz, 55, was in the hospital after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She'd been through radiation treatment. Cristina rounded on her case in the hopes that she'd be having a Whipple and that Cristina would be able to scrub in. Cristina eventually discovered that Liz was in the hospital to die and they wouldn't be doing a whipple on her. When she coded, Cristina tried to call a code, but Tyler informed her that Liz was DNR. Despite this, she tried to continue. Burke came in and physically stopped her from continuing compressions.

Rick HumphreyEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Prostate cancer
  • Treatment:
    • Prostatectomy

Rick was in the hospital for a prostate biopsy. Izzie went in to do an exam and he refused to be treated by her as he'd seen her in a magazine photo shoot. It was determined that his cancer hadn't spread out of his prostate. Dr. Victor wanted to do a radical prostatectomy, which would leave him impotent, in order to get all the cancer. Bailey insisted that Izzie stay on the case. When Izzie confronted Rick, he told her he used to fantasize about her and he didn't want her to witness his emasculation. When Izzie failed to answer a page promptly, George prepped the patient. In surgery, Bailey told Victor that the nerves were viable and they should try to save them. She even offered to finish so he could make his tee time. Izzie then came in and said the most important thing is giving a patient what he wants and what this patient wanted was his erection. Victor agreed to spare the nerves.

Jorge CruzEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Sharp force trauma
    • Brain tumor
  • Treatment:
    • Controlled extraction
    • Tumor resection

Jorge tripped and fell down stairs while holding a nail gun, resulting in him firing seven nails into his head. He came into the ER and was unable to see. Derek had Alex and George research if such a thing had happened before. Their research discovered very little other than that he should remove them quickly and watch for bleeding. When his wife revealed that he'd been having headaches and dizzy spells, Meredith suspected that something more was going on and that is what caused him to fall down the stairs. Derek was able to remove all seven screws, but he was concerned about the optic nerve and whether Jorge would regain his sight. The next morning, he was awake and able to see. Derek ordered an MRI to check for residual bleeding. The MRI revealed a tumor near his hypothalamus. Derek said that he could remove 99% of the tumor, but he couldn't get all of it. With that and chemo and radiation, Jorge had about 5-10 good years. Jorge agreed to the surgery, but was advised by Derek that it's located in an area of his brain where his memory and personality reside. Since Derek would have to remove part of the healthy brain tissue, he could lose his memories and personality. An alternative was proposed that meant focused radiation in the area, but it would only give him 3-5 years left. Derek left them to decide what they wanted to do. They chose the surgery. Meredith advised Zona, Jorge's wife, that while Jorge would be alive, he wouldn't be the husband she knew. Zona said that it was Jorge's choice and she'd stand by him.

Ellis GreyEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Alzheimer's Disease
  • Doctors:
  • Treatment:
    • Long-term care

Meredith went to visit her mother at Roseridge Home for Extended Care. She mentioned Elizabeth Fallon, whom Ellis remembered fondly.


Song Performer Scene
"Could Be Anything" The Eames Era
"Let Myself Fall" Rosie Thomas
"Break Your Heart" Get Set Go
"Truth" Vaughn Penn
"Sunday" Sia
  • meredith talked jorge's wife
"Where Does the Good Go?" Tegan and Sara
  • Izzie in OR while Humphrey is having his surgery
  • Meredith and Derek Starting to date
  • Mrs. Fellon Died for Pancreatic Tumor

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • This episode's title originated from the song No Man's Land, originally sung by Billy Joel.
  • This episode scored 19.18 million viewers.
  • The episode begins shortly before 4:30am.
  • Goof (editing continuity): When Izzie is talking to her patient, her bangs are on the right side of her face. In the next shot, her bangs switch sides and are on the left side of her face.
  • In this episode, it was stated that Preston Burke would be performing the Whipple Procedure on Liz Fallon. This is unusual given that Burke is a cardiothoracic surgeon and the organs involved in a Whipple, e.g. pancreas, gallbladder, etc., are abdominal and within the speciality of general surgery. Having said this, Burke is likely to be a certified general surgeon, given that the former is required to complete a cardiothoracic surgery fellowship.
  • This episode marks the first time Richard Webber is seen wearing scrubs.
  • Cristina calls time of death for the first time.


Episode StillsEdit

Behind the ScenesEdit


Meredith: Where are the tampons?
Izzie: He didn't buy them.
Meredith: You didn't buy them?
George: Men don't buy tampons.
Izzie: You know what. You are gonna have to get over the man thing, George. We're women! We have vaginas! Get used to it.
George: I am not your sister.

Izzie: You want to see it? You really want to see it? Fine. (Takes off her coat) Let's look at that tattoo up close and personal, shall we? (Takes off her shirt) And what are these? Oh, my God! Breasts! How does anybody practice medicine hauling these things around? (Takes her hair down) And what do we got back here? Let's see if I remember my anatomy. (Takes her pants off) Glutes, right? Let's study them, shall we? Gather around and check out the booty that put Izzie Stevens through med school. Have you had enough or should I continue? Because I have a few more very interesting tattoos. (Alex looks ashamed.) You want to call me Dr. Model? That's fine. Just remember that while you're sitting on 200 grand of student loans, I'm out of debt.

Alex: Morning, Dr. Model.
Izzie: Dr. Evil Spawn.
Alex: (sees Izzie's tattoo) Ooh, nice tat. They airbrush that out for that catalogs?
Izzie: I don't know. What do they do for the 666 on your skull?

Derek: Just because you hear hoof beats, don't assume zebras.

George: Yeah, could we not talk about it here?
Izzie: What, tampons?
George: Did you not hear a word I said?
Izzie: You're a man. We know.
Alex: Talk about shrinking the salamander.

Izzie: This is who I was. It has nothing to do with who I am now. I'm a physician, a surgeon. And I am just as qualified as any other intern on this floor. So, you're just gonna have to get over you chauvinist crap and allow me to do my job.
Rick: I'm sure you're a very good doctor.
Izzie: Then what is your problem?
Rick: Look. I fantasized about you, about the woman in this photo, whoever she is. I'm not proud of it, but it's a fact. Do you know what they're gonna do to me today? I have cancer. And they're gonna lift up my legs and expose me to the world and cut out my prostate and my nerves, effectively neuter me. So, is it so hard to understand that I don't want the woman who's in that photo to witness my emasculation?

Meredith: I told my mother about you. She remembers you very well.
Elizabeth: Of course she would. Ellis Grey never forgot a thing.
Meredith: Mmm. (laughing) Oh. I'm sorry. It's not really funny. It's not funny, but...
Elizabeth: What's her diagnosis?
Meredith: Alzheimer's, early onset.
Elizabeth: And she doesn't want anyone to know.
Meredith: No. She's in a nursing home and I'm the only person she'll allow to see her.
Elizabeth: But if I know Ellis Grey, she made the nursing home sign a contract to that effect.
Meredith: You know my mother well.
Elizabeth: What a bitch.

Cristina: You are eight feet tall. Your boobs are perfect. Your hair is down to there. If I were you, I'd walk around naked all the time. I wouldn't have a job. I wouldn't have skills. I wouldn't even know how to read. I'd just be naked.
Izzie: It's makeup. It's retouching.
Cristina: You get that we hate you, right?

Izzie: You said, "I am not your sister." Do you feel like I was emasculating you?
George: No. No. I'm too masculine to be emasculated.
Izzie: I'm sorry.
George: Guess you put Dr. Model to rest.
Izzie: Guess I did.

Izzie: I'm sorry, Dr. Bailey. Dr. Victor, I agree with her. You just can't... You have to save the nerves!
Harry: What?
Izzie: The nerves, you have to save them.
Miranda: Dr. Stevens, I can handle this.
Izzie: You told me the most important thing is giving the patient what they want. What Humphrey wants is his erection.
Harry: She's yours. You get her out.
Miranda: Can't do that, sir. You know how these young puppies are.
Harry: I'm going to tell Richard about both of you.
Miranda: You do that. In the meantime, let's pretend it's you on this table and give this a try.

George: Better not be using my toothbrush.
Izzie: I'm not. (looks at the toothbrush she's using and smiles)

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