Nadia was a patient who had surgery to remove an eight pound tumor from her abdomen.


Nadia had a severely distended abdomen. Her mother, Ana, ignored it because she feared medical repatriation if she took Nadia to a doctor. However, when she could no longer ignore it, she took Nadia to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital where she pretended not to know her and said that she just saw her outside on a bench.

Nadia was taken into the hospital, where an ultrasound revealed that she had a tumor in her abdomen, which looked to have ruptured. She was rushed to emergency surgery. They removed 7.8 lbs. of the tumor in one large mass before removing the rest in pieces as they repaired the damage it had caused. When she started to bleed out from her liver, Meredith Grey used a balloon tamponade to stop the liver bleeding from killing her while they repaired the damage. That technique was successful and they told Ana after the surgery that Nadia would be fine.

Because they believed Nadia had been abandoned at the hospital, the doctors called Child Protective Services. However, once Meredith learned the full story, she told them it was a misunderstanding and instead got the hospital's lawyers to come talk to Ana about her options so that Nadia wouldn't be denied medical care.



Nadia's mother, Ana, cares deeply for her, but didn't seek medical attention for her abdomen because she feared them being sent back to her native country, where she believed one or both of them would be forced into prostitution.

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  • She was 10 years old at the time of her hospitalization.


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