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Surgeons always have a plan. Where to cut, where to clamp, where to stitch. But, even with the best plans complications can arise, things can go wrong. And suddenly, you're caught with your pants down. The thing about plans is they don't take into account the unexpected, so when we're thrown a curve ball, whether its in the OR or in life, we have to improvise. Of course, some of us are better at it than others. Some of us just have to move on to plan B and make the best of it. And sometimes what we want is exactly what we need. But sometimes, sometimes what we need is a new plan.

My Favorite Mistake is the nineteenth episode of the third season and the 55th overall episode of Grey's Anatomy.

Short SummaryEdit

Izzie seems to be the only one with a memory of her and George in the previous night, Derek gets over-protective when Meredith gets a surgery, and one of Callie's relatives comes to town.

Full SummaryEdit

Izzie comes downstairs to the kitchen. Cristina and Meredith talk about how Izzie and George were loud the night before. They don't know that the two had sex. Izzie comes to the hallway to speak to George. George with a hangover doesn't remember what happened the night before and then Izzie leaves to go to the hospital. Callie tells George that her dad is coming.

Dr. Marlow tells the attendings and Richard that he has a ten-year plan and is going to tell the boards about his plans. The attendings says he's only been here 1 day and Richard gets a bit upset that he's making changes to his hospital.

Mark tells Jane Doe that she has options of a new face and must make a choice. Mark chooses Meredith as his intern because Meredith is fine now.

Callie presents Cathy. Her daughter Nina doesn't like interns. Callie says George is not ready to work because of his hangover and tells Miranda that she needs another set of hands. She assigns her Izzie, which Callie does't like.

Cristina goes down to the clinic and works on Doug who wants to go to work. Doug show Cristina his injury of his foot and looks like a bad infection.

Mark agrees to let Meredith do a procedure by herself.

Dr. Marlow says he came to Seattle to see Cristina.

Addison is practicing her interview with the Boards and Mark comes in and give her advice on it.

Cristina explains to Doug that he will lose his foot. He gets upset and tells her she needs to find another way to save his foot.

Meredith practices on harvesting a bone graft. Derek comes in and tells her she will not do the harvesting because he says that Mark is using her to get the job as Chief.

Mark wants Miranda's input about his interview for the Boards but Miranda doesn't help

Izzie tells Meredith, Cristina and Alex about what tequila does to you. Alex says you can blackout of things you want to forget, which doesn't make her better.

Alex shows several example of faces and tells stories about each face.

George and Callie are at Joe's getting Callie's father's Carlos. Carlos lets them know that he is upset that Callie didn't tell him or her mother. Carlos says that the house, the money and the car will all be in Callie's name only. George gets a flashback and remembers the night before. George says he doesn't want their money and he storms out. He goes to see Izzie. They go in the closet and say nothing; eventually George leaves leaving Izzie in the linen closet.

Meredith talks to Mark about how he wants to score points with the Chief but Mark says it isn't that at all. Mark says that if Meredith does this procedure well the Chief will start looking at her like a surgeon again and not a beaten down puppy.

Preston is outside the door waiting for his interview with the Boards.

Meredith is in the O.R. doing the bone harvest and Cristina does an amputation; both surgeries go successfully. Preston wants to open Cathy up but is highly aware that that could kill her - he is unable to save her life.

Mark comes out with the Board all happy and smiling. Richard tells Addison, Burke, Derek, and Miranda that that he and the Board members were impressed that he had a "right now" plan while the others were so focused on the 10-year plan.

George and Izzie decide to keep what happened to themselves and act like it didn't happen.

Cristina tells Doug to keep moving forward and follow the plan so he can try to keep his other foot.

Addison and Alex flirt again. Alex calls Jane Doe, Ava. Ava probes him for information regarding his relationship with Addison which he says doesn't exist because she's his boss.

Cristina tells Preston about the marriage plan. She wants to get married in city hall with Meredith and Derek. Nothing religious and no veil.

Meredith tells Derek that he was right all along that Mark wanted to score points with the Chief.

Izzie changes her bed sheets and sits on the bed upset. George is lying on his bed, while Callie is reading a book.


  • Meredith Grey
  • Cristina Yang
  • Izzie Stevens
  • Alex Karev
  • George O'Malley
  • Miranda Bailey
  • Richard Webber
  • Addison Montgomery
  • Callie Torres
  • Mark Sloan
  • Preston Burke
  • Derek Shepherd
  • Jane Doe
  • Doug Kendry
  • Colin Marlow
  • Cathy Rogerson
  • Nina Rogerson
  • Carlos Torres
  • Board Member

Main CastEdit

Guest StarsEdit


Medical NotesEdit

Jane DoeEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Pregnancy
    • Facial deformities
  • Treatment:
    • Facial reconstruction

Mark presented Jane Doe with a few options of what her face could look like after facial reconstruction. Since she couldn't remember what she looked like before, Alex helped her choose a face and she went in for the surgery.

Cathy RogersonEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva
    • Internal bleeding
  • Treatment:
    • Anti-inflammatory meds
    • Surgery

Cathy, 41, had FOP, which caused bone to grow at the site of any trauma. Movement was limited to her face and hands at this stage in her life. She was in the hospital after vomiting blood. She also had new growths on her back. Callie ran a CT to determine the cause of the bleeding. She had severe internal bleeding. Callie brought in Burke and planned to do minimally-invasive surgery to stop the bleeding. In surgery, they tried several options before ultimately determining that they had to open her up, because they had no way to stop the bleeding otherwise. Despite their best efforts, they weren't able to save her life.

Doug KendryEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Type II diabetes
    • Abscess on foot
    • Infection
  • Treatment:
    • Foot amputation

Doug came into the hospital with pain in his foot. He just wanted a painkiller, but Cristina said she needed to examine his foot first. She also noted that he had type II diabetes. Once he removed his sock, she saw a large sore on the bottom of his foot. The infection had gone down to his bone, which necessitated amputation.


Song Performer Scene
"La Familia" Mirah
"Black Cat John Brown" Alamo Race Track
"Still Alright" Adam Merrin
  • George realizes that he and Izzie hooked up and they exchange meaningful looks in the closet
"All I Want From You Is Love" Let's Go Sailing
  • Cristina performs an amputation and the FOP patient dies on the table
"Sideways" Let's Go Sailing

Notes and TriviaEdit

Grey's Anatomy 300:30

Grey's Anatomy 3.19 promo "My Favorite Mistake"

  • This episode's title originated from the song My Favorite Mistake, originally sung by Sheryl Crow.
  • This episode scored 22.30 million viewers.


Episode StillsEdit


Izzie: Hours. Hours of out life that are all I can think about and you seriously can't remember?
George: Look, Izzie, I was drunk!. Whatever I did, whatever I said, I'm sure I didn't mean it.
Izzie: Yes George, you meant it. You meant it a lot. You meant it more than once.

See AlsoEdit

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