Mrs. Rodriguez was Cristina and Owen's dog in one of the potential futures Cristina imagined for herself.


Owen convinced Cristina to go to an animal shelter with him to choose a dog and Cristina chose Mrs. Rodriguez.

When Cristina was in the OR, Owen came in and said he had an emergency surgery that required him to operate for 9 hours. She said it was okay, but he reminded her about Mrs. Rodriguez. Cristina thought Mrs. Rodriguez would last for 3 hours, which was when she'd be done with her surgery. They had a discussion about whether or not to lock the dog in the kitchen when they're gone until Owen left. Alex couldn't believe she got a dog, thinking it'd die within the week. Shane didn't understand why she named it Mrs. Rodriguez, but Cristina said he would once he met the dog. Alex advised him to go see the dog soon before it died. Cristina claimed she was not going to have a problem keeping an animal alive as she's a physician and assured him the dog is perfectly healthy.

Later, Owen and Cristina were having a discussion where Owen said he wanted to go to Germany and take Cristina with him. "I never give you anything, so the terms under which we're together are that your dreams die!" Cristina remarked. Meanwhile, a barking Mrs. Rodriguez had come over. Owen asked her to quiet the damn dog, but she told him to do it as he wanted the dog. Owen said that the dog only liked her. "Because you make stupid decisions! And he knows it! I'm not moving to Germany!" Cristina yelled.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Although his name is Mrs. Rodriguez, he's a male dog.
  • He was named by Cristina.