Mrs. Baer is the mother of Charissa Baer.


Charissa's TumorEdit

Mrs. Baer's daughter, Charissa, was diagnosed with a hypothalamic hamartoma. After doing some research, Mrs. Baer brought her daughter to Seattle so that Derek could remove part of her tumor to relieve her symptoms. However, Derek proposed another option. He wanted to try to remove all of Charissa's tumor so that it wouldn't grow back. Her mother rejected the idea, saying it was too dangerous, so Derek tried to send them to another neurosurgeon who would be able to operate. Mrs. Baer insisted that she wanted Derek to do it, but he didn't want to go for a partial removal. Derek later decided that he'd try to get her to agree to his way. He tried to simulate the procedure in the lab, but continuously failed, so he told Owen that he'd do the partial removal. However, Owen encouraged him to find a way.

Derek found a way to do the procedure safely and Mrs. Baer agreed. The surgery was performed successfully and her entire tumor was removed. Mrs. Baer was relieved.



She has a daughter who was diagnosed with an HH tumor. She brought her daughter to Seattle specifically so Derek Shepherd could operate on her.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She and her daughter live in San Francisco, California.
  • She spoke to eight other neurosurgeons before coming to Derek.

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