Mr. Weston is the father of Brian Weston.


Brian's SurgeryEdit

When Brian was 14, he booked an appointment with Alex Karev to find out how old he had to be to start his sex reassignment. Alex referred him to a transgender support group, where he met Jess.

At 18, Brian came back to the hospital after saving up for the last four years to have his breasts removed. Jess came to the hospital to support him. On the other hand, Mr. Weston was highly unsupportive and felt that Brian would change his mind.

The surgery went well. Jess talked to Mr. Weston afterward and admitted that she had sent the e-mail informing him about the surgery because she believed he should know. He offered her all the money he had on him to help out with their rent, but left without speaking to Brian.



He did not support Brian's decision to have his breasts removed. While talking to Jess, he repeatedly misgendered his son.


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