Mr. Peterson was fatally injured falling off a roof while attempting to retrieve his son's frisbee.


His son, Luca, was playing outside when the wind blew his frisbee up onto the roof. He went to retrieve it and fell off the roof, injuring his brain. He was taken to the ER. His wife, Sharon, took Luca into the ER took look for information. From the ER, Mr. Peterson was taken into surgery. In surgery, it turned out that his brain injury was too severe and he was pronounced dead in the OR.

Amelia and Derek Shepherd went to inform his family. While Amelia talked to Sharon about what had happened, Derek sat with Luca, who knew what death meant and said he missed his dad already.



He was married to Sharon Peterson until his death. They had one son, Luca.


His son, Luca, was playing with his frisbee when it was blown onto the roof. Mr. Peterson died of injuries sustained in a fall while trying to retrieve the frisbee.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • He was pronounced dead at 18:32.

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