Mr. Finch is a co-worker of Liz Langer and the father of her baby.


Office PartyEdit

At an office party, he had sex with Liz Langer, which resulted in a pregnancy after the condom broke.

Son's BirthEdit

25 minutes after birth, the baby was in the NICU with a distended abdomen and vomiting. Alex suspected a volvulus. Scans confirmed it, so he informed Liz and Mr. Finch that their baby would need surgery.

In surgery, a hematoma on the liver burst. Alex informed the parents that he could try to repair the liver, but there was a risk of permanent damage. Their other options was to wait and see if the liver improved on its own. After a discussion, they decided they'd wait.

Alex and Jo monitored the baby and his condition stayed stable, so they declared him out of the woods.



When Liz Langer told him she was pregnant after their office party romp, he decided he wanted to be a part of the kid's life, despite their personal problems with each other.


He works with Liz Langer. They had sex at an office party which resulted in her pregnancy. They did not get along at all, but despite this, they agreed to parent together.


He is a lawyer. He works with Liz Langer.


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