Mr. Davis is the father of Taryn Davis, a patient at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.


Taryn’s HospitalizationEdit

His daughter was hospitalized with stomach pain and vomiting on Halloween. It was discovered that she contracted an infection when she went to Brazil on a business trip with her father.



Taryn DavisEdit

He has a daughter, Taryn. He cares deeply about his daughter, though he can be an inattentive father, as evidenced by the fact that he didn’t notice when she wandered out of the ER at the hospital. After her collapse, he said he never would have let her watch the scary movie if he had known and Jo assures him that he’s a good dad.


He is very dedicated to his work and even continued to take business calls while his daughter was in the hospital. During one of these calls, she left the ER without him noticing.

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