Monica McKeever was hospitalized when, while she was having sex in a car, a gurney was blown off the roof and crashed into the car.


While having sex with her boyfriend outside the hospital, Monica was injured when a gurney was blown off the roof and crashed into the car through the sunroof. While they were waiting for Fire and Rescue to free them from the car, Dave noticed that Monica was bleeding heavily from her head. They finally freed her from the car and she was loaded onto a gurney to be taken into the hospital.

In the ER, Jo Wilson examined her head. She told Monica that in order to examine her properly, she might have to shave part of Monica's head. Monica, who had been wanting to shave her head in solidarity with her boyfriend Dave since he went bald due to his chemotherapy, was excited and told Jo to shave it all off. Once her head was shaved, Jo told her that one of the lacerations on her head would need stitches. However, before Jo could do that, Monica became unresponsive.

Monica was taken into surgery with a brain bleed. Her surgery went well and she woke up afterward.



Monica is dating David Oldroyd. Dave was diagnosed with stage 2 osteosarcoma. The treatment for the condition made him lose his hair. Monica tried to shave her head in solidarity, but he didn't let her. Later, while visiting Dave on the day he was meant to have chemotherapy, they had sex in her parents' car. While they were having sex, a gurney was blown off the roof and impaled her car, injuring both of them. Her injuries necessitated her head being shaved, which she loved and she believed Dave would love as well. After she had to have emergency surgery, she woke up and she and Dave shared a kiss.


Monica's father was transferred to Portland. So when Dave was having chemo, Monica took her parents' car without their knowledge and used it to drive back to Seattle to see him. When Monica was injured in the hospital parking lot, her parents were notified and they got on a plane to come see her.

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  • She was 17 at the time of her hospitalization.


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