Mitch is a surgical intern at Seattle Grace Hospital.



On his first day of internship, he was assigned to Izzie Stevens, who took the group on a tour of the hospital and used the same new intern speech that Bailey had used for her class to introduce them to the rules. Her interns viewed her as the dud, having heard that she'd spent some time on probation after killing someone.

After they spent the day saving a deer with Izzie, she said that they were the dud interns.

At the end of the day, all the new interns were in awe of George, who had delivered a baby that day, on what they all thought was his first ever shift as an intern. ("A Change is Gonna Come")

Callie and Izzie's FightEdit

When the rumor spread that Callie and Izzie were going to fight in the hospital cafeteria, the interns, along with several other hospital staffers, gathered to watch it happen. However, Callie hadn't intended to fight and the interns were disappointed, calling it a forfeit on Callie's part. ("The Heart of the Matter")

George's Housewarming PartyEdit

Claire, Graciella, Leo, and Mitch all attended a housewarming party thrown by George and Lexie. They all ended up coming to work drunk the next day. ("Piece of My Heart")

Darts TournamentEdit

The night after the party, the interns planned a darts tournament. When George invited Izzie, they started considering dropping out because they didn't want to play darts with their boss. ("Piece of My Heart")


Mitch is a surgical intern at Seattle Grace Hospital.

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