Maura Brooks is Heather Brooks's mother. She visited Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital after her daughter died during surgery.


Heather's DeathEdit

After Heather died during surgery, Maura was called by someone at the hospital. They only told her that Heather was injured, because Derek wanted to tell Maura the bad news personally. As he had to go home with Zola, he instructed JoStephanieShane and Leah to wait for her arrival. He also told them to come up with Heather stories to make her mother feel like she died among friends. They couldn't come up with any, making them realize that they weren't a tight group. While drinking some alcohol to help them come up with some stories, the interns came up with secret stories about themselves. While Stephanie was demonstrating her cheerleader dance from high school, Maura entered the intern locker room. She asks them about her daughter, Heather Brooks. The cheering and laughing interns immediately hushed.

They went to the waiting room with her, where Derek came over. He told her that her daughter died, and she broke down crying. Some time later, the inters accompanied her back to the locker room, where Maura cleaned out Heather's locker. The interns felt obligated to tell some Heather stories, so they stole Meredith's story about George. It made Maura smile, but she soon returned to crying. She saw how emotional Shane was, who secretly felt guilty. She hugged him, saying that he and Heather must've been close.

When Heather's uncle arrived at the hospital, the interns left her with him. Heather's brother was on his way to the hospital too.



She is divorced.


Maura had two children: Heather and a son, whose name is unknown. Maura also had a brother, who travelled to the hospital (just like Heather's brother) when Heather died.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She was the first family member of one of the new interns to make an appearance.

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