Mason Warner is the son of Cooper Freedman and Erica Warner. His mother Erica raised him from the time he was born until she died. He is currently being raised by Cooper Freedman and Charlotte King following the death of his mother.



Mason was conceived in the back of Erica's car.

Meeting CooperEdit

Mason met Cooper when he had his check-up. He was unaware that Cooper was his dad and thought he was just his doctor. They bonded nicely doing different activities together.

Mason decided he didn't want to keep seeing Cooper. When Cooper talked to him later, Mason asked if Cooper was his dad. Mason said they couldn't be friends if he was not going to be around, like the other guys. Erica and Cooper told Mason he was his dad and Cooper said he wasn't going anywhere. 

Meeting CharlotteEdit

Even though Erica explicitly said she didn't want Mason to meet Charlotte, Charlotte came home early and Mason and Cooper were there. Cooper introduced Charlotte to Mason. They started to bond when they were playing a video game together. Erica walked in and was unhappy to see Mason talking to Charlotte. They both left without Mason saying goodbye to Charlotte. At the end of the day, Erica returned with Mason, and said that he could have a sleepover and Mason bonded with Cooper and Charlotte.

Erica's TumorEdit

Mason had to see his mother suffer through her brain tumor, yet he has no idea about it and just thought she was tired. One day while he was at Charlotte and Cooper's house, he wanted to see his mom, but he wasn't allowed. Charlotte turned her back for one minute and he ran out the door to see his mom. He was found only a few minutes later sitting outside on a bench.

Erica told him that she was sick when they were in Seattle. He was upset, but forgave her after she came out of surgery safely.


Mason is hardworking and intelligent. His grades in school matter a lot to him, and sometimes, according to Erica, he pushes himself too hard.



Erica WarnerEdit

Erica was Mason's mom. He had a very loving relationship with her. After her death, he started to pee his bed and didn't talk to his dad or to Charlotte.

Cooper FreedmanEdit

Cooper is Mason's dad. When Erica found out about her tumor, she brought Mason to LA to find Cooper. Mason was not very close with Cooper or Charlotte at first, and immediately following Erica's death, he didn't talk to either of them. After a while, he bonded with Charlotte and Cooper, as well as his three little sisters who were born later on.


Charlotte KingEdit

Mason was initially not allowed to see Charlotte, but when she came home early and Mason was there, she was introduced and they bonded together.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • He named his sister, Caroline.
  • He calls Charlotte Mama.
  • To date, he's the only child to be a member of the main cast of Private Practice or its parent show, Grey's Anatomy.
  • He likes to dip his fries in a strawberry milkshake.
  • He's allergic to chocolate.[1]
  • He only sleeps on Jersey sheets.
  • His mother lets him have twenty minutes to be upset about something, then he has to have fun.
  • While he has never appeared on Grey's Anatomy, Amelia showed Derek a picture of him in Have You Seen Me Lately?.

Gallery Edit

A more complete gallery with pictures of Mason Warner can be found here.

Notable EpisodesEdit

These episodes are Mason-centric or are otherwise very informative about his life.

Memorable QuotesEdit

  • Mason (to Cooper): (Sticks tongue out) Mom says it's not allowed.
  • Erica: It is when the doctor asks.
  • Mason: So if the doctor asks me to say "crap"...
  • Erica: Mason!



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