Marjorie Reed was a patient at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital with terminal lung cancer.


Marjorie had small-cell lung cancer with mets on her liver. Her condition was terminal. She coded one morning, but was able to be revived. However, she was in extreme pain. When her daughter, Jeannie, stepped out of the room, she talked to Dr. Pierce and asked to be allowed to die. When she was offered the chance to sign DNR papers, she said her daughter would never allow it and her daughter had her power of attorney.

When she coded again later that day while her daughter was out getting dinner, Maggie did a slow code and allowed her to die.



She was married for 65 years until her husband died.


Her daughter, Jeannie, was with her in the hospital. She didn't want her mother to die and pushed her to stay alive even when she was in extreme pain. When she was told that her mother had died, she was devastated.


She, along with her husband, taught English in Japan for a while.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She was 88 at the time of her death.