Marge Walker is a patient at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.



Marge got a bug bite that got infected. She waited four months to go to the hospital because she’s afraid of hospitals. She repeatedly tried to leave when they mentioned needing to treat her.

To help with the anxiety, Meredith gave her a sleep mask and talked to her about Halloween. Marge told her that all the kids in her neighborhood have grown up, but it was always fun when Philip was a child. They took her to the OR as Meredith distracted her.

While in surgery, Callie discovered that the maggots had helped minimize the infection.

After surgery, they removed all unnecessary medical equipment, had her son bring some personal effects from her home, and put a sign on the door to make her more comfortable. Callie offered to stay with her, but Marge asked if she had kids to trick or treat with, saying Callie wouldn’t want to miss that because you only get 10 good Halloweens before your kids start wanting to go off with their friends.



Philip WalkerEdit

She is close with her son, Philip, who convinced her to come into the hospital despite her fear. When he was a child, she made all his Halloween costumes for him.