Madeleine Skurski was a patient of Meredith Grey who was found to have terminal cancer.



Madeleine was hospitalized after a supposed stomach flu turned into severe pain, rendering her unable to move. Meredith suspected gallstones and took her into surgery. However, once inside, she and Bailey noticed that the gallbladder had calcified, which is a sign of cancer. Inspection of the surrounding organs revealed that the cancer had spread to the liver and had encased the hepatic artery, meaning that it could not be removed and was incurable.



She is very close to her students. Upon finding out her cancer was terminal, her primary concern was how she would tell her students. When her class came to visit her, she decided to make it easier by having a disucssion on how they could make it easier to work with their substitute Mr. Arnold who in all likelihood would be taking over as their permanent teacher.


She is a math and science teacher. She had never missed a day until what she believed was a stomach flu, but turned out to be cancer.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • While she was at home, she started watching cooking shows. In the hospital, she watched American Bake-Off.
  • Emma, Lucas, and Adam are three of her students.
  • She was 50 at the time of her hospitalization, shown on the ER Tracking Screen.


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