Lydia Ashford is a patient of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital who was injured in the mudslide following the Super Storm.



During the mudslide evacuation, Lydia ran back into her house to get a sharpie. When she came back out, she began triaging evacuees and writing their vitals on their bodies, a trick she learned from a Marine. ("I Want You With Me")


Lydia was brought into the hospital with injuries to the upper extremities. Derek Shepherd did a nuero exam on her in the ER. She was sent to have a CAT Scan of her upper body. After the scan revealed a subarachnoid hemorrhage, Derek ordered hourly neuro checks. When Shane was called in to operate on Heather Brooks, Stephanie took over doing the neuro exams. During one of these exams, Stephanie discovered that Lydia was having trouble breathing. ("Seal Our Fate")

Stephanie went to find Dr. Hunt to see if she should put in a chest tube. Cristina put in a chest tube. She noted that the drainage was full of blood, but decided to wait instead of operating right away. Cristina assessed that one of her broken ribs had lacerated her lung, which caused the bleeding. When her condition didn’t improve, Cristina decided to to a thoracotomy. ("I Want You With Me")


While she was being examined, she expressed concern about whether or not her house was still standing, saying that it had beautiful crown molding in every room. ("Seal Our Fate")

Even after her condition worsened, she was still trying to figure out whether or not her house was still standing. Stephanie apologized and had to inform her that her house was gone. She said it was time to rebuild again. Stephanie suggested that she move, but she said that they’re a few houses on the side of a mountain and they all take care of each other, because no one else would have them. ("I Want You With Me")

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  • She lives at 5818 Shore Drive.



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