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Lucy Fields
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Don't Deceive Me (Please Don't Go)

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Unaccompanied Minor


GA: 7

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Rachael Taylor


Lucy Fields is an OB/GYN attending and maternal-fetal medicine fellow who tended to Callie's pregnancy with Sofia and who later had a brief romantic liaison with Alex Karev. She left Seattle to take a job at the Namboze Clinic in Malawi.


She attended Harvard Medical School, completed her OB/GYN residency at Duke, and did a fellowship in maternal-fetal medicine at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital.

Departure from SeattleEdit

She and Alex got together as a real couple. She applied for a job at Baylor, in Texas, and got it over 50 other applicants. She was hesitant to take it, thinking about spending another year in Seattle. She mentioned there were a lot of factors to consider before taking the job, implicitly saying he was one of the reasons. He didn't notice it as he was distracted by the race for Chief Resident and his African program. In surgery, Arizona mentioned to Alex that they were looking for someone to take over from her at the Namboze Clinic, and he was qualified to do it. Lucy overheard the offer and got interested. Upon hearing Alex was interested too, she found out that she wasn't a factor he took into consideration to decide. After a talk with Arizona, he realized he loved her and that she was an important factor, but by that time, she had already taken the job, stating career comes first and that it was not personal. ("I Will Survive")

On the day of her departure, Lucy was part of the team of doctors to tend to victims of a plane crash. However, all but one died in the crash, so it was a quiet day. She diagnosed Cristina's pregnancy. At the end of the day, she went to look for Alex at Joe's bar and asked him to tell her not to go to Africa. Feeling bad over getting Meredith fired, he was drinking and simply told her to go to hell. ("Unaccompanied Minor")

Although there's no evidence, it's assumed that Lucy did leave and is now working at the Namboze Clinic in Malawi.



Alex KarevEdit

Upon meeting Alex, ("P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)") Alex met Callie's O.B., Dr. Lucy Fields, but thought she was a nurse. He asked her to pass him a chart on "a turnip" in the nursery. She's upset by this and he told her he has a baby that needed a heart transplant, and the transplant coordinator suggested, "the turnip," she said, sarcastically. She then told him she delivered the baby, said she'll be in touch with the transplant coordinator and then told Alex to leave.

Later, Alex noticed Dr. Fields, Teddy, Arizona, and Cristina talking to the parents so he walked in and tried to join. Afterward, he asked Arizona why he wasn't brought in earlier and Fields tells him he's off the case because of the "turnip" comment. Alex and Fields watched the heart transplant from the gallery. He explained that he's sorry for what he said, but felt he deserved to be in the surgery. Minutes later, Alex and Fields both pump their fists in celebration when Teddy fixes the problem. Lucy watched Alex standing over the heart transplant baby and smiling with the baby's parents. Arizona comes up and says she can teach Alex not to be an ass, but she doesn't have to teach him to care.

Alex and Fields were in the elevator together, not speaking. Alex finally told her he's sorry about her patient. She said, "Thanks, I'm happy for yours." As they walk out, he starts to ask if she wants "to get a --," but she cut him off and said no.

When she heard about that Alex had charts to finish before he could go to a basketball game, she sat down to help him because she agreed he couldn't miss this game. In the end, she talked him into asking her and then claimed it was all just so she could see if he'd ask her to the game.

Lucy-and-alex 516x344

Lucy and Alex in This Is How We Do It

Career Edit

After graduating Harvard Medical School, Lucy completed an OB/GYN residency at Duke University Medical Center. Lucy decided to complete her maternal-fetal medicine fellowship at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital to gain OB-related trauma cases. 

While at Seattle Grace Mercy West, Lucy did the initial exam and ultrasound for Callie when she was pregnant with Sofia. Although the case was relatively boring for a maternal-fetal fellow, Arizona convinced Lucy to be Callie's OB. Lucy was also the go-to OB consult for emergent patients.

Near the end of her fellowship, Lucy applied for and was accepted into a program at Baylor in Texas. She considered staying another year at Seattle Grace Mercy West, but ultimately chose to work at Namboze Clinic as its director, taking over Arizona's old position.

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