Logan Treadwell was a patient at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.



Logan was cut on the arm while composting. He refused a tetanus shot when it happened. He came into the hospital when he developed rictus sardonicus. He again refused treatment for tetanus, calling it poison and saying that Dr. Wilson was a puppet for Big Pharma.

His condition worsened and his abdomen was rigid, but he still refused treatment for tetanus. Then his arm spasmed and broke. He was taken into surgery after scans revealed a previous break that hadn't healed properly. They had to re-break his arm in order to re-align the bone so it would heal properly.

After surgery, his brother asked for a list of all the materials they'd used, amused that they'd put so much into his brother's organic, grass-fed body.




Logan and Abraham's father died when they were young, done in by corn beef hash and cigarettes. Since his death, Logan has become obsessed with what he puts into his body, even medical treatments.

Abraham TreadwellEdit

Logan is close with his brother, Abraham, to the point where Abraham came to be with him when he was hospitalized. After surgery, Abraham requested a list of all the materials they'd used in surgery.