Liz Cooper was a patient at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital who was in to be surgical separated from her identical twin sister, Annie Cooper.



As a child, everything she and her sister did was a show, to the point where they wondered what life would be like not to have an audience for everything.


Annie and Liz came into the hospital to be separated because Liz's heart was doing more work than Annie's, causing high output cardiac failure. For the surgery, Liz was designated Twin A and Annie Twin B, meaning that Liz was determined to be the stronger of the two. However, during the surgery, Liz developed a clot in her brain, switching their statuses. Derek Shepherd was unable to fix the damage caused by the clot and Liz was declared brain dead. After the surgery was completed, Annie made the difficult decision to withdraw care for Liz.


Liz is more assertive than her sister. When clients at their work were causing problems, Liz was the one to take charge and yell at them. Liz was also more enthusiastic about being separated.




Annie and Liz's mother was opposed to separating them, saying it was too dangerous.

Annie CooperEdit

Liz has an identical twin sister. They were conjoined until they had surgery as adults to be separated. Unfortunately, Liz did not survive the separation surgery.


Dr. KenzieEdit

Liz is very close with her childhood pediatrician, Dr. Kenzie, who accompanied her and her sister to the hospital for their surgery.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She was 25 at the time of her hospitalization and death.