Lily Ann Reilly was the wife of Jake Reilly until her death.


Even before Lily met Jake, she struggled with drug addiction. Her dealer visited her house one day, where Jake beat him up in order to protect Lily and Angela.


Jake visiting Lily's grave.

Lily used to play with her AA chip when she was planning a slip. One day, she overdosed. Jake found her on the bathroom floor and performed CPR for 40 minutes until the paramedics arrived.

After her death, Jake continued to imagine her and have conversations with her as if she were there. He consulted her when Addison proposed and when Angela was dating a much older man. She advised him that it was time to let her go and move forward with Addison.



Lily loved Jake very much. Jake always hoped that she would choose him over drugs. Unfortunately, she chose drugs, and it cost her her life.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She loves crullers. Whenever she tried to stay clean from drugs, she would eat them.