Lily Anderson was in a car accident with her family that killed her grandmother and both her parents.


Lily was awake and only had minor injuries after the car accident. She went to Meredith and begged her to help her family after she was unable to wake her mother. When Meredith instructed her to hold Dana's baby, she said she doesn't even babysit, but Meredith told her it was the only way. Lily took the baby and manually ventilated her while Meredith went to her mother.

The whole family was taken to the emergency room, where Lily was given an ice pack, but was otherwise okay.

When Meredith informed her that her father's organs were shutting down and they hadn't been able to take him off life support, she signed the papers to withdraw care and sat with him while he died.



Lily was resentful of being made to go on the camping trip, as she wanted to spend her birthday with her friends. When Meredith explained what was happening with her father, she made the difficult choice to withdraw care and allow him to die. She then told her siblings that their parents had died along with their grandmother.

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  • Her parents both died on her 18th birthday.


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