Lillian Campion is the mother of Rich Campion, a patient at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital.


While slaloming hills on his skateboard with his friend, Brock, Lillian's son, Rich, was hit by a car. He was brought into the ER with suspected cardiac trauma. Cristina ordered blood to be transfused, but before it could be transfused, a medic alert bracelet was located stating that he was a Jehovah's Witness and could not receive blood transfusions.

He was taken into the OR where they planned a bloodless surgery to repair his aortic transection. Before she made the first cut, Cristina determined that if she cut into him, he'd lose too much blood, so they instead planned to go in percutanously.

He survived the procedure, but was not doing well. Due to his friend, Brock's, doubt that he was really a Jehovah's Witness, they appealed to the parents to allow the doctors to give Rich blood. However, they stood by the decision not to allow any blood transfusions.

Despite this order, Leah Murphy tried to give him a blood transfusion. However, she was caught by Bob Richardson who was watching through his camera.

When Rich later crashed, Cristina tried resuscitating him for over 20 minutes. However, there was not enough blood circulating and he was pronounced dead at 6:42.



She is married to Ron Campion. They had a son, Rich.


Her son, Rich, died after being hit by a car while skateboarding.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She is a Jehovah's Witness.

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